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I am happy being POOR

Have you heard anybody saying this ever? Well nobody says this verbally but most of us say this to ourselves and to the world 24X7.

Let me say how :

Have you wanted weekends much more than you wanted weekdays?
Have you slept a few hours more than getting up and taking action?
Have you also thought of taking vacations every 2 months?
Have you also wanted to give all that you can to a job but never gave?
Have you been making excuses every single second of your life?
Have you made someone else responsible for your losses?
Have you been overthinking but not doing anything about it?
Have you focused more on saving money than earning money?
Have you been afraid to try something new?
Have you not been taking risks?
Every 1st January you made tons of resolutions but nothing happened after January 3rd?
Have you thought before taking any action on others?

Then you are responsible if you are poor and if you are in the middle class because you can’t spend the way you want, you can’t travel the way you want, you can’t eat at your fav restaurant, you can’t travel to your fav location, you always take economy class tickets, you always look for the price before ordering or buying anything.

It is you who is responsible. Stop, stop and stop saying that I want to be rich but the job is not good or the government is not good or the society is not good or the company is not good or the boss is not good and so on.

Find out from within yourself what makes you poor. If you can help yourself with this, this would be your day to freedom. Freedom from financial worries, Freedom from money problems, Freedom from all the life problems.

So get on the task of not being poor your entire life!

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