Womans day or the day to celebrate “Shakti”​

Namaste !!! Better than a Hi or a Hello in todays time. It always has been better but only in tough times do we understand its importance.

A mother, a wife, daughter, a born leader, sacrifice queen, home minister, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Ganga, and what not. Getting into even one of this role would be an impossible task for any single man to handle but they have all of this in one. A superb creation of god called the “Woman”. No monetary benefits can make a person do so much other that the DNA that the Woman are built with.

A powerful word like “Woman” or in hindu mythology often referred as “Shakti” can’t be weak in any ways. What we don’t understand or what is beyond our understanding, we often refer that to be out of the world, A miracle to mankind, Magical, Extraordinary, Supernatural and what not.

Well when the word itself i.e. Man comes from the world “Wo”Man, No Man at least can define her.

It’s the women who teaches us equality, who teach us life and who make us from a small drop of water to a big ocean. So we are no one to give her any reservations or right of equality nor should they be asking for it.

If somebody who needs empowerment is the men in the society and not the women. Its not them who needs protection but its the men who need upgradation. Its not women who needs equality in the society but its has to be the men to learn to be a better human. Not them to turn fearless but for the men to look more reliable and responsible. Not for the women to live in a shell but for the men to learn to be respectful and humble.

I salute to the women around me, thank them for being around us and wish them the best. You don’t need to prove yourself of being capable of anything. It’s we men who need to prove that we are a good son, husband, father, brother, colleague, coworker, friend and are worth you.

Celebrate womanhood 24X7X365 days.

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