Why Work From Home Is Challenging & Highly Significant For Working Women

WFH: Work From Home has I believe been really tough for the Working Women out here.

I salute all the ladies here. You have my deepest respect for how you have managed to balance your different responsibilities even while working from home. We need to change how we see our Daughters and how we see our Son.

A Son working from home: Parents and family members are like, please don’t disturb him, he is working from home.

A daughter/ in-law working from home: She has to get up early, finish her job as a mother, then as a wife, then a daughter, then as a daughter-in-law, and then starts laptop on time, delivers all the work on time.

LUNCHTIME: Once again a SON isn’t getting disturbed coz he is working but a Daughter is again expected to leave the work, cook/serve food to others, and then go back to work. and then DINNER and then to BED with her Laptop still ON.

Finishing off the day’s work, sending that final Email, and then getting ready for the next day. We need to make their life easier. Just because they don’t complain doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.

Just because they are stronger than us, doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt her even more. If you are a DAUGHTER or MOTHER or a WOMAN you deserve a salute from all the MEN around.

You are STRONGER than most of us here.

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