Why Do We FAIL? How To Not FAIL? By Sawan Kumar

FAILURE- This seven lettered word has often been looked upon as a term very derogatory. Why do we fail? Why does failure have to be necessarily bad? We often find ourselves depressed and sad over the fact that we might have encountered defeat over something. And given up. And let me tell you, this is the only reason why we never stop failing.

Giving up on an exam paper because it seems pointless to study the entire curriculum the day before. Or, on your family or your job because it feels more tedious these days and doesn’t excite you anymore. I’m sure some of you have come to think of either of these situations at least once in your lifetime. But, let me help you here.

Having failed over something is not a crime. People fail every day, in every aspect of their life without even realizing it.

FAILING teaches you lessons to pull yourself together and work harder for the next opportunity. But, how to not fail? GIVING UP has never been the option.

You will automatically realize this fact when you are struggling with something and for some reason, it seems absurd to you. Leading you to finally giving up on it. And hence, failing. And then you blame yourself for it.


Try harder to make yourself accustomed to the situation you are in. Thrive harder. Every minute you spend not giving up on your decision will make you feel tall and confident. Hence, avoiding a failure that you have to dwell with for the rest of your life.

All you need to understand is that when life gives you lemons, squeeze the best out of it and make lemonade!

Do not dwell on your past failures. Move forward. Every relationship, job offer, exam paper, important life decisions you leave behind is your past. Work harder and do not give up.

Thank you!

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