What about you makes you Relevant and Remarkable in the marketplace?

Well, this is the most important question that you should be getting answered first.

Now, who answers this question for you? Well, it’s you yourself. Can you tell right now how relevant and remarkable are you?

Does your marketplace or your customers consider you as relevant? Do they see you as someone who is relevant to them? Do you have something that makes you remarkable, something that’s unique about you, something that no one else does?

If you are struggling to find the answers to the above? If you are thinking that why do you need to be relevant or remarkable, then you are missing the bus.

Wait, wait, wait, don’t run after the bus. You won’t be able to catch it anyway.

Get yourself prepared and become relevant and become remarkable.

You have seen it in a bar, where the bottles are decorated on the wall. Out of the 100s of bottles, only a few are remarkable and relevant. Only when they are both, you ask the bartender to give it to you.

Let’s find it out for you. If you are relevant and remarkable?

  1. In this content-driven world, how much content are you creating? I am not talking of some random content that you create, but of content that your audience waits for. Content that your audience trusts and gives time to. How consistent are you with the timing, the topics, and the relevance?
  2. Are you working towards solving problems? Are you solving real problems that your audience or your clients have?
  3. How are you making sure that you look remarkable? Someone who is the talk of the town, someone who is being discussed at the party last night. How would you do this? Today it’s actually very simple. You have to be authentic, you have to be the real you and you have to be solving the biggest problems. That’s pretty much it.
  4. Social media, how can I miss this. You can’t just have a social media account and use it for some personal travel updates etc. Your social media is the primary tool. Your social media is the key to making your relevant and remarkable. You have to be using it all and go all-in with it. Reels, stories, posts, videos, TikTok’s, instagrams, snaps whatever it is. You have to be there and engage and communicate and solve problems once again with the contents that you create.

If you are already you are on your way to making yourself remarkable and relevant but if not, start doing it today or else no paid advertisements or anything can help you get the attention of your customers. The noise out there is so so loud today that it’s not just your direct competitors that you are competing with. Everyone is looking to get a piece from the customer’s wallet and if you are not relevant and remarkable someone else quickly takes the space.


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