Unrealistic To Realistic Goals

You see, a BIG dream becomes unrealistic when you can’t see the SMALL steps or recognize milestones along the way. And nothing feels worse than losing faith and trust in yourself if you don’t hit a goal you set. This is how to set Unrealistic to Realistic Goals.

We design our own destiny. And, we are the author of our own biography.

What do you want in your life? What kind of life do you want to live?

This answer to the question above is very important because it will determine your goals, and your goals will determine your strategy.

Therefore, you must find out your comfort zone and understand what you want from your life.

If your goals are unrealistic but you are not willing to do something extraordinary, there is no way you can reach your goals.

If your goals are realistic and you can achieve them easily, you are limiting your potential.

This is why you need to understand yourself. Understand what you truly want out of life in order to find your comfort zone to set the right goals that will satisfy you and get you the result you want.

This is what you mean by setting Unrealistic to Realistic Goals.


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