The excuse bug.

Let’s not be bitten by the excuse bug today, tomorrow and the day after. There are high possibilities that you had been a excuse finder all your life and these are the days when time has thrown an excellent opportunity to be bitten by the excuse bug to a greater extent. Even those who never made excuses might get bitten by the bug. If we have a lot of reasons to find excuses this time, we could find even better reasons to take action. Here’s some of my thoughts to keep me and you motivated:

1. Challenges demotivates those who are failures. If you are a winner this time of challenge should motivate you further.
2. Hunger triggers the ability to search for food, to find ways to survive.
3. Like loud music stimulates our sense, challenging situations do stimulate higher levels of performance.
4. Creativity comes in scarcity. The Indian term for this would be “Jugaad”.
5. Good times are more challenging, the best time to hit the competitors is now when they are taking a nap.
6. Start looking at opportunities everywhere, that’s how a human being is after all.

Would love to hear from you, more productivity hacks in these times.

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