Stop Killing Time | I Love To Kill TIME: let’s Do It Together | By Sawan Kumar

Time is EVIL. If you ignore it, it is the demon that eats you up but if you use it it’s that spirit, a mascot that can make wonders happen.

I don’t give myself time. I don’t give myself free time. This planet is filled with bad choices you know with alcohol, pornography, news, social media, and so on.

When do you lose money? When do you make bad choices for yourself? When do you do something that you shouldn’t have done? When you have a white space in your calendar?

I get up in the morning and I have a packed calendar. And when I first did my calendar I was surprised to see that I covered everything that I did through the day in 3-4 hours and I still had 10-12 working hours left for the day.

Imagine the amount of time we waste and by just writing it out we can figure out how we wasted the time.

You know we keep complaining about time and never figure out that where exactly we have been wasting time.

A lot of people who love me keep saying to me why do you work so much. You know my mom, my relatives, and my friends. They say me don’t overwork, you might lose on your health, you should take rest and take enough sleep and not burnout.

But what they didn’t know was that if I gave myself time, if I gave myself even a small white space I will do things that are not good, that are not productive, and that are not the best choices.

I will go out and spend money, I will waste time on social media, I will waste time watching the news, or doing just nothing.

The more I do, the younger I Get and I feel. I feel younger and better than I felt 5 years back.

I am not worried about hard work, I am not worried about health or burnout. I am worried about not working. I am worried about taking the rest. I am worried about not being able to go to work.

I get afraid of the fact if something goes wrong I might not be able to work.

I haven’t slept for more than 5 hours in the last 10 years and I am absolutely fine. I am getting younger and better every single day.

If time is running, I too am running and I am making sure I run faster so that the time is behind me and not ahead of me.

I run not to catch time but get ahead of it. So if you stop, don’t stop to stop. Stop to reboot and restart, and when you restart make it even better and crazier and faster.

I just want to work and learn and live life as much as I can. I just don’t want to settle with taking care of my family, have a small house, and take care of my health and my family and vacation and done.

Get the monster alive. Get the monster out of you and make it work.

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