Stop Corona Social Virus

These are tough times and the time to be strong, be positive and most important spread positivity.

The entire corona virus threat has become more of #coronasocialvirus threat. Let’s remove the anxiety from the mind and work on improving the situation. We can’t control corona virus but we surely can control #coronasocialvirus. Here’s a guide to deal with the current situation:

1. Let’s stop sharing anything negative on Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media platforms.
2. Share all positive and good things you are doing because of this. Like spending time with your family, gardening, cleaning your house, watching TV, playing sports etc.
3. Introspect, work on updating your knowledge, updating your skills and give more time to doing positive things over spreading the news.
4. Let’s spread happiness and give reasons to everybody to smile over reasons to feel more scared.
5. Why not share your 2 month old kid doing some childish things, or let the world see the dancer within you or some crazy jokes, poems, videos and lot more. Each of us has something unique and we can commit to make the earth a better place to live in by stopping the spread before it actually spreads.
6. Above all, stay safe, stay Healthy and stay Happy.

Let’s make the hashtag #stopcoronasocialvirus update with all the positive and creative ideas.
#coronasocialvirus #stopcoronasocialvirus

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