Start Listing Previous Achievements: How To Build Self-Confidence?

Another pointer on how to build self-confidence: start listing your achievements.

Now, what does that mean? That confidence that you’ve been missing for all these years due to people bringing you down and telling you what you can and cannot do can be rebuild. How? By believing in yourself; by figuring out what achievements you’ve embarked on in your past.

Once you see them for yourself, you will have re-gained that faith; that, yes I am capable to achieve more and more. You will have that confidence to make yourself seem on the top of the world, even if you have not won a first or a second or even a third prize. It’ll remind you of that confidence with which you had the courage to participate in it and completed it.

You are more capable than you give yourself credit for. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. Never lose hope thinking about how other people or that one failure you might have brought upon yourself.

So, have faith, and think about the ways on how to build that self-confidence.

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