Sales – A skill that no school teaches but each of us need it every single minute of our life

Sales – A skill that no school teaches but each of us need it every single minute of our life. This is believed to be one reason of having so many unhappy souls around. Depression is at its height and people not feeling happy about whatever they do. I too have never been a very good sales person and nowhere in our society is the word “sales person” looked up well. Why is that exactly so?

A quality so inherent in us right since we were a kid gets lost through our education system. As a kid we have been the best sales person, knowing what exactly we want and how to get what we wanted. No matter if the demand was reasonable or unreasonable, we just went all in to get the same and made sure the sales happened.

Most of us as a part of our career get accidentally into sales. One wasn’t able to get a job with anything else and hence had to do a sales & marketing job that meant moving around outside, making calls and sales and so on. So disgusting isn’t it? But are sales really as bad as we see it? Is that the reason that we are not good with whatever we do? The answer to above is a big “YES”.

We don’t even know of making a sale to ourselves. Leave aside making it to somebody who we don’t even know. We aren’t able to make a sale to ourselves for the career we want, for the job we want, for the girl friend we want and when we are not sold we don’t give 100% to it.

‘Sales’ is one topic that should be taught at every level of our education system and it’s the only topic that can improve the life and living standard of all. It’s the Sales Man who runs economies. No matter how good the product is or how unique the idea is, if the business owner is not able to sell it, it’s just another dustbin product. Because we haven’t learned sales ever, we feel we are really bad with it. It can be learnt like any other skill.

Commit to learning sales and not run away from the word sales. You probably won’t run away if you don’t associate sales with only selling products or services. In an interview room you are selling yourself and your expertise.

On a dinner table at the restaurant you are selling on what food you want to order and so on. So when you are selling something or the other each and every second of your life, why not do it in the best possible way. The only way of doing it best is to get trained for it.

Read about it, know about it from the experts. You will find millions of sales coaches and books teaching you sales. A best scientists, business men, doctors, engineers are all good because they are really good salesman first. They have at some point of time been able to sell their expertise and their ideas to be successful.

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