Sacrifice And Lose Yourself To Start Winning

How to sacrifice and lose yourself to start winning?

Be ready to lose something, be ready to sacrifice something. Kuch aise cheeze jinse aap bahut bahut pyaar karte ho. Aapki neend, aapka unhealthy khana, friends ke saath adde maarna aur bahut cheeze. Be ready to sacrifice and lose to start winning.

Party, Vacations and much more. Har wo cheez jo aapko bahut pyaari un sab ko chorna hoga kuch naya paane ke liye.

Being a winner is not cheap, you will have to pay the price and be ready to pay the price if you want to be a winner.

Therefore, the bottom line is, you need to Sacrifice & lose ourselves for winning in life.

Mentor: Sawan Kumar




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