Overpromise And Overdeliver Always

Under-promise and over-deliver?

Which one sounds more true?

Always Overpromise and Overdeliver. Stop under-promising because your competitors will take your business away if you keep under-promising.

By nature most of us are lazy, you know why we under-promise so that we can lay around easily. We know we can deliver 100% but we promise 80% so that I never have to take the pain of giving beyond 100%. And when you do this your clients or your life doesn’t even get 100% cause you promised you will put in 80% effort and you end up putting 90% effort of the 80% and ultimately you reach 72% only when in today’s time you were supposed to give 120% or even 200%.

You expect when you go to a restaurant to deliver 200% services when you go to a shopping mall you expect you get the best service, you go to a salon and you demand the same.

Why does it stop when it comes to you. Stop under-promising today. With yourself, with your career, your studies, your clients, or your boss.

Overpromise and overdeliver!

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