Nepotism : A winner or just another excuse

About 80% of the millionaires are first time/generation millionaires. They are not because of Nepotism.

Recently a lot of debates have started happening around Nepotism and why it shouldn’t happen in the society and so on. But is that really true?

As long as human beings exist and human emotions exist, Nepotism will be there in the society. People who are not born with that silver spoon can’t just come up and complain that Nepotism is the reason of their failure because if they do so they miss on all the major successes that keep happening around.

The best companies, the biggest leaders, the best speakers, the best politicians, the best actors and so on. We can’t find one name to be a result of Nepotism. People have been making their way through all these so called preferences and relations and have been successful .
Nobody can stop true talent to be successful. Nepotism is just another roadblock for people who work hard to be successful. Even the star kids or the super successful business kids. They don’t become successful just because they are their father kids. They have to prove at every stage of their life and actually most of the times much more than what others have to.
Being under the umbrella of a bigger name and then creating a name for themselves is more tough then being without the umbrella and getting recognized.

If we just flip through the examples of history we will see more failures than successes with Nepotism, so we need not give it too much of importance.

But yes making it an excuse for not being successful is surely not the best thing to do.
Lets take a small example : When we see a politician’s son breaking some rules and enjoy the benefits of being powerful, we feel bad, envy and jealous and most of the times its not because he is breaking the rules, but because we are not so powerful to break the rules too.
In a queue at the bank if a customer gets preference because he gives bank a lot of business, we again feel jealous because we don’t get same importance and it surely is not because of Nepotism.

We often see people complaining about business class getting more benefits by the politicians or the system but then we forget that when we were complaining of the subsidies we didn’t get, they were busy giving crores in taxes to fund our subsidies.

In an ideal society I would say that Nepotism shouldn’t exist but we can’t have an ideal society because a perfectly balanced society will then never be a society. A perfect system with no scope of improvement will lead us to be lazy and be failures. Its these small perfections in the society that boosts and motivates us to work hard and be recognized. Give our child same benefits that probably we didn’t get. Make our child the same flag holder of Nepotism which we weren’t able to.

So to conclude, I would say that Nepotism is just another word of Excuse that does not require so much of importance.

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