Learning or Application what is more important

When I say learning or application what is more important we need to first understand what learning is and what application of any learning is all about.

Well we have been learning since we were born and we also have been applying a lot of what we learnt. This application of our learning has made us from being a small new born child to the age we are today. But suddenly as we grow we start to apply less and learn more. We somewhere reduce the applications, more often we procrastinate and leave the learning that we get in books or in life to where they came from.

Learning is not always what we get in books. That has never been so even when we were a 1 month old kid. Learning comes to us with whatever we do every second. Our body cells learn and respond to the next similar situation exactly the same way it responded the first time. If your first experience with height wasn’t good, every other time you are on a height, your memory makes you afraid of it.

We often say that the child grows the most till he is 5 years of age and that’s mostly because he is learning and applying all at the same time to his life the most. We need to somewhere get into that mode once again to apply more and not necessarily learn more.

If I take my example and my learning experiences, I would say for me too most of it happened until I was 5 years of age and till 30 life just went on and on. First it was School, college, then professional degree and so on. I always was a below average student all through because the entire environment always focused more on learning and not on applications. I always thought of myself as a poor student, unsuccessful with no good career prospects, and so on. It all changed when I decided to stop learning, unlearn everything and reboot. Then restart with more focus on applications, daily application of whatever and however I interacted with the environment. I am learning from seeing a plant growing, or my son growing, or the sun rising and setting down or the stars and the moon. Started learning from everywhere and not only books and more importantly started applying whatever I came across to my life.
Learning or Application what is more important.
All applications of the learnings might not be successful. I had my own failures every time I tried to apply but each of those failures made a better person the next time I tried to apply the same learning or similar learning.
Life happens when you apply and not only when you learn. It’s the application that gives us the actual learning and not just learning that leads us anywhere. Success and failures would come the way but let us focus on applying everything that comes across us and learn from those.

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