Killing Your Dreams Or Living Your Dreams

Are you Killing your dreams or living your dreams? What do you suppose they are? Those things that’ll kill your dreams? You can’t believe they can be yours?

Let me tell you the answer to your question. The sole reason why killing your dreams becomes easier than living in them is because of the lack of self-confidence and self-doubt. Doubt is a great way to repel anything that might otherwise be drawn to us.  All those beautiful desires, burned out by the flame of doubt.

Don’t let yourselves be hindered by your doubts and fears; they have a way of leading us into a very small-minded approach to life.  No fear or doubt ever led man to the stars or discovered continents or cleared the way for his spirit to rise and claim new and creative solutions to problems, however challenging.

The potential for greatness, for the fulfillment of our dreams, lies in each one of us.

This is how you solve your question: Killing your dreams or living your dreams.


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