Use Social Media: How To Get Your Dream Job

We use social media on a daily basis. Well, daily might be an understatement. We waste precious minutes and hours of our time surfing handles like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. But let me tell you how to use social media platforms to get closer to your dream job.

Instead of watching memes all day and double-tapping on pictures, you can showcase your talent on these handles. Grown your connections and increase your network. Now, I’m not talking about increasing your friend list. But to increase connections with people and companies who share the same interest as you.

Grow contacts on LinkedIn, post your work on Facebook and Instagram and make people aware that you are doing what you’re doing and you’re the best at it.

Don’t just sit idle and waste all your time on social media texting your friends. Instead, turn this time to do something productive for your future. And soon enough you’ll realize that you have acquired a skill set similar to the applicants of the dream job you’ve ever wanted.

So, work hard and thrive harder.

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