Is my website unique and reflects the true me and my business?

Is my website unique and reflects the true me and my business? Is it the true reflection of my business and not a templated version?

Having a website and taking your business online are two different things. Where we follow a blind approach and just build a website and some social media pages and start believing that “wow” my business is now online.
But is that really so?

“Like each business is different, each customer is different so should the digital strategy be different for each of them. Just some template or a copy-paste approach doesn’t help. Do you agree?”

When we do an offline business each of us has a different way of connecting with our clients/customers. Even though in the same industry we have our own customized way of doing our business but that doesn’t always reflect in how we have built our website or have setup our digital presence.

Your website or your social media should be a reflection of what and how you actually run your business and not a templated way of how businesses are run. I do agree that business do have a lot of things in common, but it’s the uniqueness in very business that sells. It’s that difference that gets us our set of clients and customers.

So we need to really answer a few questions when we see our website or our current social media :
1. Is my business website truly my website or a generally templated website?

2. Is my business website unique and reflects the true me and my business?

3. Do my clients get that personalised feeling just the same way as they have personally met me?

This becomes all the more important when today most of the businesses are being searched online and people not getting opportunities to meet in person. It would be this digital presence that would be talking about you. So make sure your website and your social media speaks about you and not somebody else.

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