How You Can Grow your Instagram Followers to 10k

Instagram has become an extremely popular social media platform amongst brands wishing to expand their online presence by increasing instagram followers that drive traffic to their landing pages, grow their subscription lists/CRM database and most importantly increase brand awareness.

If your Instagram presence isn’t quite as large as you’re hoping, it might be time to learn how to sharpen up your strategies for getting organic followers on Instagram.

The more users that discover and engage with you on this social platform, the greater the number of opportunities available for you to communicate with other users and create unique experiences for them.


Here’s a list of marvelously helpful advice for increasing your Instagram followers:


 1.Optimized Name:

1.Optimize your name to have the                           keyword of  what you do.

2.The most important keywords will                     go with your name.

   2. Have a Clear Bio:

    1. What’s your NICHE
    2. Who do you help and with what problems
    3. Your successes, awards and recognition

  3. Bio Link:

      1. This can be one link to a landing page that you want everyone to go to.
      2. Can be a link from something like Linktree where you can have multiple links.

    4. Story Highlights:

1. Much has clear and clean                                    highlights Icon

2. Make sure you cover all the                                 necessary events or products                               related to your business.

  5. Hashtag strategy:

    1. Though Instagram offers using up to 30 hashtags, anything more than 3 to 5 is not necessarily helping you.
    2. Don’t repeat the same hashtags. Have a mix of 10 different 3-5 hashtags and keep rotating around the same.


The next 2 tips are going to change how you thought everything:-


  1. Leverage: The keyword. Use your youtube channel, and if you don’t have one go and get one today. Youtube like google works like a search engine, unlike Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Start engaging with the followers of your competitors: That doesn’t mean you go and follow everyone. What you do is engage with them. How? Well, you go to your competitors or leaders in your industry and respond to the comments or questions of their followers on their posts. Pretty easy !! isn’t it. But it will make a lot of difference.

The biggest obstacle that instagrammers face is to increase their followers. It is not easy to get a huge amount of followers on instagram. But with few tricks you can increase your followers. So guys follow these tips and tricks and get more and more followers on instagram.

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