How To Take My Business Online With Zero Investment | By Sawan Kumar

Wanted to take your business online and you thought it’s expensive?

Let’s get your business online in the next 15 mins.

Build a very basic brand identity (A logo, a color scheme and that’s all) – How do you do it? You don’t need to go to a designer. You can just go to
All that you need to have your designs right is right there with 1000s of templates you would ever need for your business.
Once you have the designs right you can now quickly go to get your business online.

Step 1: Set up a Facebook / Linkedin Business page.
Step 2: Set up a WhatsApp for a business account
Step 3: Finalize a phone no. that you are going to use for your customer contacts.
Step 4: Finalize an email id (Though a gives more reliability but if you don’t want to spend any money right away it’s better to go with what I recommended above.)

The above numbers and email ID are going to work as customer support numbers.

And you are done.

Now you can just keep adding your customers to your WhatsApp business group and Facebook page and update them with the latest offers and discounts and wish them on different occasions and so on.

Now if you see with some consistent effort you are able to get some positive feedback from your clients/ customers then you are good to put in more money and time to have your business online with a fully functional website, a professional digital marketing team maybe and so on.

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