How to not be nervous before an interview | Tips & tricks to face interview by Sawan Kumar

Well this is the solution

Self Belief
Self Confidence
Be positive
The result of the exam or interview won’t be any different if you are nervous or worried. It will only spoil things.
Last minute preparations are not going to help.
Connect with interviewers, don’t focus on impressing them.
Be Vocal about what you have done and achieved in the past.
See yourself being selected and having already working with the company.
Also be prepared for the worst. Don’t just have a Plan A in this case. This is one thing that can at best increase your confidence. Had a long list of interviews lined up, so that even if you loose you have 9 other interviews.
But but but appear for interviews with the confidence as if this is the only and the last interview you would be taking because you are going to be selected.
Be Confident that you are the best guy for the position and have your solid reasons for this.

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