How to get a job with no experience | Ultimate guide to get a job with no experience in 2020 and 2021 after the coronavirus or pandemic situation.

Well if you want to get a job and you don’t have any experience never say that yourself or to the employer.

Never every say to yourself that you have “No Experience” Everyone starts being a fresher and the interviewer know that by seeing at your resume that you don’t have any experience.

Never ever in your life say that again that you don’t have any experience.

You surely have experience and have a lot of experience. You are 22 or 25 or 30, so you surely have a lot of experience.

The moment you say you don’t have any experience you are rejected.

So Before saying that you don’t have any experience say to yourself that you have a lot of experience. Experience about studying the topic or the subject or the job role you have applied for.

You know almost everytning about the job role you have applied for and the company you have applied for and you are confident that you are the best person to do the job because you are damn good with that.

And you have the something to prove all of the above. So not having professional working experinece is fine but not having any experience on the subject you studied for may be 4 years during your graducation or on the job role you want to apply for, you would never ever get a job.

So go and get a lot of experience first and then apply for a Job.

So start with :

Educate yourself
Start work not for money but for experience
Work the network, build up the network, connect with lot of people in your present network.
List the skills required for the job role that you want to get in and make sure you master all of the skills before you apply for that job role.
Become an expert in the field.
Have a good story to tell. How to got into this particular field of study or why you chose what you chose or why you want to this job in particular and so on. The story could be around so many things.
Revamp your CV with all that you learnt just above.
Work on your presentation skills. Work on your soft skills. Work on how you write an email, work on how you answer a telephone call and how you say a hello or say good morning or communicate with people around.
Aim high and don’t have any limites. You don’t need to make sense of what you aim to start with. Let the other side not understand your goals or have any logical explanation. They won’t be able to ignore you.
Be restless once you are out for the job. Don’t have patience. Apply not for just 1 or 2 jobs and then wait. Before others give you a job give yourself the first job of finding yourself the first job and get yourself the best job.

So getting a job is not tough. But not getting one is gonna be tough. You will have to sit idle, waste time and not apply with enough companys and not be ready to give all that you have to get a job.

So choose the easy way out. Get youself a job and get working and start getting paid.

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