How To Be Rich and Not Be Poor | Don’t Be Neither RICH nor POOR

Do not ever be in the middle, be neither RICH nor POOR. Because that is no place to be. Because no such place exists.

You are either rich or poor. You can’t be anywhere in the middle. This middle thing, this average concept is created by the poor who failed in becoming Rich and didn’t want to be called poor, so started calling them average.

Who likes the POOR? Do You?

If you are a POOR husband you are not a good husband, if you are a POOR Father, you are not a good Father, and so on.

Come on On you can’t be that. You can’t be Poor. The only way to be is to be RICH.

and when I say about being RICH,

People take it as only having a lot of money.

but No.

Yes, Money is an essential part of it but it’s not only about money.

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