How does the new policy changes EDUCATION :

A much-needed change in education policy and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Somewhere between passing exams and learning chapters over chapters we had forgotten what real education meant. We were made to believe that education meant to excel in academics, with no career if you don’t.

I see this as a real change in how we define and see education for ourselves and for the next generations to come. Moving over from the old concept of books and only books to a more real-world experience is what I think is the biggest change in the policy.

Ability to choose and learn different streams, sports having the same weight-age as any other subject, the introduction of mother tongue at the foundational stage and preparatory stages, Coding from Class 6, and many more changes. A comprehensive education policy that is built truly for the 21st Century India and would ensure we create World Leaders and not Just Worlds best Followers.

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