How and why is Social Media Important for your Business to grow.Growth hack for your business.

How and why is Social Media Important for your Business to grow.Growth hack for your business. Why you can’t ignore Social media to grow your business.

Time & Money are the two most important factors for any business apart from People. And social media is the right mix of Billions of people available on your mobile whenever you want them to be.

Businesses do business with people. People whom they, people who can be trusted upon, people who have a goodwill, people who have a history of performance.

Business are valued because of the people behind the business. And where do we find these people.

And Where do we find these. ITs on Social Media.

Out of the about 7.7 billion population in the world and 3.5 being online, we have Facebook with 2.4 billion users and more than half the world is online now and more than 2/3 rd of the users online are on social media today.

And if we move this statistics to business only statistics considering the no. of business estimated to be present and it compared with users on Linkedin alone

More than 30 million business are on linkedin today with about 660 million users on linkedin alone.

90 million of these users are senior-level influencers, and 63 million are in decision-making positions.

These are just a few statistics and you can see more detailed statistics here :

With these statistics which business or business person would want to stay away from social media? Or would have any doubt about the effectiveness of social media.

Well I will say social media is the volcano thats oozing lava 24X7 and you just need to dive in and grow your business.

If the above are not enough reasons for you to take your business online and on social media let me give you a few more :

Social media is cost effective over traditional form of marketing

Because the objective remains the same but the cost of reaching to relevant customers is very low and with high speed.

2. Brand awareness
3. Give your brand an identity that is beyond just being an artificial thing. I would its about giving your brand a human character.
4. Be always in the front
5. Lead Generation & sales generation right at your fingertips.
6. Quick Action is one thing that businesses always need.
7. Easy of use
8. Availability of data and analysis capabilities.
Social media has give the power to the businesses like never before. A business can now find out precisely the type of customers, the nature of customers, what they like, what they don’t like and no longer are they needed to work on assumptoins.
9. With changing times and the speed with which the customer expectations are changoing, businesses can’t rely on data that is a year old. Today we need real time data and no place other than social media do you get this.

To sum up today you can’t choose to ignore Social Business. No business can afford to do that. Even if you are not using social media, or certain social media platforms because they are either new or because you don’t like them, your business has to be present where the customers are.

So if you don’t like Snapchat but your customers might be there, you have to be present there. Its not about you but its about where you find your customers and the sales and the money.

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