“HOLI” a festival of colors of spirit, music, laughter and more

A day when the colours of caste, colours of religions, colour of skin all gets lost in one colours and that’s the colour of nature. Red, blue, green, yellow and more importantly the colourful spirit that we have all within ourselves .

Holi is not only about some colours that we play with but its also the entire spirit of holi festival that is so colourful and joyous. Laughing, cracking jokes, music, dancing, having thandai(a uniquely created drink with milk, badam etc and for some people added bhang to it.) and a lot more.

It means a lot to all of us. Having grown in a small village of Bihar, Holi was not always a festival of colours but it was more about taking the garbage out from either inside the gutter or from inside ones own body. The entire society around us was busy in drinking alcohol and doing what not to the extent that even the male members weren’t comfortable moving out of the houses. It was only the trouble makers moving around the entire breadth of the village creating all sorts of ruckus.

But that never meant holi became less colorful for us inside the family. I grew up seeing people coming to our house seeking regards and blessings from my Dad and other elder members. Dad made sure all of them got something so they never returned empty handed.

Today when I move around and see the excitement of holi of students playing holi on the last of their college, packing their bags and heading to home to be with their family, everyone fillip with colours of happiness awakens the child inside me too. Makes me go back to the days when we ran away from our room mates to save ourselves from the colours on the last days.

Holi like anyone either from Mumbai or from Sabour has coloured everyone’s life it has touched upon not only by the colours that are used but by the spirit the festival carries.

Bollywood has kept the spirit of Holi always high with beautiful songs coming from Amitabh Sir or Dipika or some bhojpuri nos. They are all just so so colourful.

This years holi is going to be a bit scary with the “Coronavirus” thing moving around us. We will make sure we come over this like we have come over bigger troubles.

And the best part of this Holi that makes 2020 holi all the more special is that I am sitting in office, writing an article, recording a video, updating the clients and doing all activities that I haven’t done on a holiday for the last 35 years.

Look forward to a wonderful celebration for all of us today and tomorrow. Lots and lots of love to all the younger ones out there and regards to the elders.

Wishing everybody a very colorful and joyous holi.

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