Don’t stop giving if you don’t want to stop getting.

We are fear-driven, we are afraid, we are negative of something bad, something negative always

When we want to be the opposite, we want to be recognized, we want to be praised and we all want to have so much that we are able to always give away things.

So how do we do that?

You can’t get until you give. You can’t get the knowledge you want until you give away something, you can’t get the money until you give away something.

This entire universe works on the same principle. That is of Give and Take. The more you give, the more you get.

and what we do.

We wait to GET and we don’t give away because we are afraid, scared and negative or loosing what we have.

So we never GIVE but keep waiting to GET

Stop that today

Start giving away

This need not be money

You need to give away yourself

Your knowledge
Your time
Your experience
Your suggestions

and you get what you give and normally you get 10x times of what you give.

so start giving away.

Don’t worry of getting it.

That’s a universe law, you get if you give.

and the universe won’t cheat you or lie to you. It will keep the balance.

Be sure, be faithful, and be positive.

Don’t stop giving.


There is so much more than money. People need more of these than money. So give away those.

you to need so much more than money. Money too would come to you. Don’t worry about it.

That too is a law of the universe, when you have everything in abundance Money won’t keep itself away from you.

It will find ways to reach you.

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