Do you like being AVERAGE ??

If I don’t know you I won’t do business with you. People do business with people but they do business with people they know.

Price was an objection, bad credit, finance, money etc.

You need to be known where your market is. You need to be known only then people buy you.

You need to think way bigger than your thinking

My Story I was small until I thought small. I was a failure until I thought I was a failure. When I had extremely poor marks in my Class 12 and had to pursue higher studies which I never had interest in as I was a failure all through, I was lost and came to the city of JOY, Kolkata. But here too was a failure thought. I entrolled for Graduation, thought will do BCom and then MBA but just because I might not get through the best of the BSchools, I also enrolled for CA thinking lets try this out.

Life changed when I thought, I can be a CA. For me being a Chartered Accountant was way bigger then my dreams. A failure in academics would have never dreamt of it. Relatives and friends mocked me that I can’t ever be a CA, and trust my the day I thought I can, I changed and I made it.

Being Average only and only cause depression and anxiety. Be the best in whatever you do and you will never be depressed or anxious.

It takes absolutely the same amount of effort to do small and to do big. You only need to think big. Rest everything is taken care of automatically.

Being Average is painful and trust me nobody wants to be average. So don’t be average, Choose to be the best.

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