Do you Dare to dream big even after the 999th failure?

It’s failures that we need to take care of, Success will take care of itself.

If back to back failures haven’t demotivated you. If you are back on your foot even after those failures, fighting again and having a confidence that you will get better.

If you are still dreaming big after those 9 or 99 or 999 failures. You are the one Success has been waiting for. Trust me, there is nothing better than the taste of success and it tastes even better after you have tasted those failures. Its not that you have to taste failure to be successful but, but its failures that makes you what you are today.

Failures brings out the best in you. Failures makes you a strong person, it teaches you the life lessons. Failure we often say is the best teacher. So if you have never tasted it, I would you have missed on the 90% of you. To know you who you are, you have to taste failure. Its then you know who you actually are. It shows you the true mirror, the true reflection comes from these failures.

And once you understand yourself better, you understand the world better. Because your eyes and the ability to see outside gets better when the ability to see inside improves.
I have faced many many failures in my life and I keep facing those every day. If you are not facing challenges, if you are not facing failures, means you are not moving forward. It means you are not changing and upgrading.
When apple comes with a new Software upgrade, it keeps coming up with better versions, because the first version wasn’t the most accurate one. But that didn’t stop them from launching a new version.
When an automobile company launches a new model, inspite of the old model being successful they are ready to take on failure. Fear of failure doesn’t stop them.

If the fear of failure stops you, success would never come you way. Growth would never come your way.
Make those failures your success stories. Actually you don’t even need to make those. You just need to keep fighting with your failures and story gets written automatically.

So don’t stop if failures stop you. Don’t get tired if failure tries you hard. Don’t worry if failure gets you worried. Just smile and get on it.

Let the failure think, “ I must have chosen the wrong person this time. He just keeps smiling, no matter how much pain I give him. This is not the place for me to be. Let me move on. And once failure moves on, you know who comes next.

But but but. Things don’t stop here. Success comes but won’t stay there for long. You can’t spend a lot of time celebrating your success because failure will keep waiting for you to get loose and reckless. The moment it finds you taking things easy, it will try to come back to rule you.

Let not FAILURE burry you and let not Success make you fly too much. Be grounded and no storm can move you.