Do what you Love or Love whatever you do?

Do what you Love or Love whatever you do?

Well, doing what we love could be disastrous at times but loving whatever you do, will make sure you are at the top. You are your best version and nobody can ever beat you at your game.

It sounds like a completely different idea. Isn’t it? We have always been listening about following our dreams, doing what we love and so on.

Unfortunately we might find out that doing what we love wasn’t the best thing to do and we choose an alternate path. That path may not be what we loved but had to choose. Now because we keep doing what we never loved, we have somewhere in the back of our mind, Ahh, I can’t give my 100% to it coz I never loved doing this and then spend entire life living mediocre life doing something that we never loved and being average with it all through.

Alternatively if we choose to be an expert with whatever comes our way, no matter what but settle for the best. This thought alone might create wonders.

Am I am able to get you to the idea of what I want to say?

Let’s take an example of Arun who might not be good with say an Accounting job but he had to do it because he had to earn a living and that was the only opportunity in front of him.

He has two options from there. Either do the job just because he has to do and he believes this is something that he doesn’t love so he can’t give his 100% to it and continues with an average accounting job that pays average, doesn’t upgrade and so on.

However he chooses to be an expert of whatever landed his way. Within a couple of months he would start seeing the difference. He starts loving accounting and slowly becomes an expert in accounting and has all the growth he had thought of.

It’s more like we don’t like something that we don’t know. We often say I like to play cricket because I don’t playing cricket or I don’t like to be in sales job because I don’t know how to make sales.

Had I got the training on sales or learned to play cricket our thought might have been otherwise. Patience, persistence and proper training take from us the fear of loving what we do. Therefore forget the myth of “Do what you Love” rather accept to “Love whatever you do” and achieve the greatness you are entitled to.

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