Do Not Surround Yourself With Average People | Always Make Sure That You Are Around The Successful

It is said that you are what your friends are. One can predict your personality if they know your 5 friends or people with whom you are around most of the time.

If you have problems in your life, try finding out somebody in your group is also facing similar problems.

Be it personal, marriage, business, financial, or anything. You will find your network or the people you are close to also have similar problems like you.

So what does that conclude?

So what does that mean?

You are what your surrounding is.

So be around successful

Be around the great

Be around masters

Be around the best

Don’t choose to be around average

because they won’t push you

they won’t challenge you

they won’t inspire you

to work hard

to be strong

and to not have complains

and to not struggle

Make new friends and get out of the comfort zone.

You are used to your old friends because

You don’t want to make new

and why you don’t want to make new

Coz you will have to meet new people

Know new people

and get out of your comfort zone

Trust them and make new friends.

Get into a new neighborhood

Get to a new city

Into a new society or wherever

You can get the new you.

You can find the new you, the hidden you.

Who better than me can understand this.

I was lazy and I was never willing to get out

Go out and meet new people.

Make new friends but when I understood

that my growth and my success

are dependants on this one habit of mine.

This one thing is stopping me from being what I want to be?

I started moving out. I still struggle,

I still fight with myself

I still try to just know a few people who I have known for the last 10-15 years

But I get myself out, out of the comfort zone.

So how are you going to do that?

Talk to your neighbor

Make a new friend in the lift today

in the Taxi, in your office

at a coffee shop

it could be anywhere and you will find a lot of people like you

I heard somebody saying if your friends haven’t changed for the last 5 years or 10 years, you haven’t grown. If you don’t have new and better friends means you are right where you were.

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