Do Not Just Be Interested in Making Money or Success | Be Committed To it With Sawan Kumar

The commitment to do “Whatever it takes”. Start moving forward and you will see the road.

Most of the time when you are interested in buying things or getting successful or making a lot of money or name and fame you are clueless about how to do it.

  1. Clueless
  2. No Direction
  3. No Idea
  4. Not sure and confused

But everything changes about your interests.

Who is able to make it big and get what they are interested in

Who takes the first step.

And who takes the first step?

Is the one who is not afraid of taking it

is not worried about the pain on the way

is not worried about the failures

His eyes are on the result while his legs are busy taking the next steps.

and who that person is?

a Committed person

the question that you ask yourself: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes?”

and if the answer is “Yes, I will do everything except this and that and this and that.”

means you are not committed

Whatever it takes I will do it.

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