Do not be fearful, stop fearing because whatever you fear of might not even exist

Are you fearful or standing on the stage?
Are you fearful of jumping in the pool when you don’t know swimming?
Are you fearful about talking to your boss?

Whenever you start taking new actions, doing new things you will experience a lot of fear and if you are not experiencing fear means you are not doing new things, taking new actions, not getting out of your comfort zones.

Fear is not to avoid and something that should be avoided

it is something that should be faced head on

should be embraced
means you moving in the right direction

Fear does it even exist?
or is it even real?

Fear is provoked by emotions and not by rational thinking

As a child you feared of some ghost or something

As a young man you fear of your teacher,

so when do you stop fearing, when do you stof being fearful.

Looking at your watch, you know the time is now.

ACTION is what puts fear on the backseat

FEAR is the sign that says go ahead and do whatever you FEAR.

so don’t stop when you FEAR

Win over it every single time.
#Donotbefearful​ #stopfearing​ #whateveryoufearofmightnotevenexist​ #dontfear

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