Do Not Be Easy On Yourself | Before The World Punishes You, Punish Yourself Hard

Nobody has died of hard work or too much work but millions die because of no work.

You will always list this advice from so many around you :

“Go Easy”, Don’t work so hard, You will spoil your health and so on.

This comes from people who care for you

or from people who are jealous of you.

Work on your habits,
work on your faults,
On your shortcomings,
on your failures,

because the world won’t be easy

this World has never been easy

so if you are not hard, you will be the first to be hit and never get up.

Who do you think survives a pandemic or an economic recession

who do you think survives the bad weather, the hurricanes and the storms?

the ones who are deeply rooted in the ground. Their foundation is strong.

And strength doesn’t come to the easy.

Earning money is tough

but not earning money is tougher

Success is tough
but not succeeding or failing is tougher.

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