COVID slowed you down or ACCELERATED you? The lockdown period during the pandemic gave us so much time. So much time to learn new skills, gather new experiences and accelerate ourselves to the top.

How did you use this time? Even if you haven’t used this time much effectively, you can start NOW.

While the novel coronavirus has caused fear across much of the world, including in my own house, it has also helped me find a measure of peace. I am conscious that it took a pandemic to slow life down for me. I was unable to make that difficult choice voluntarily. And, honestly so was for everybody.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay home. Let’s turn this into an opportunity to learn new skills.

With more than 600 Covid-19 cases in India, the government has called for a total coronavirus lockdown for 21 days in 38 districts all over the country. As it is important to slow down public movement and break the chain of the Coronavirus spread, social distancing is a must. It becomes crucial for us to stay home for this time period and stop the coronavirus from spreading further.

However, just because you are sitting at home, it doesn’t mean you cannot get any work done or learn anything new.

Again, ask yourself. COVID slowed you down or ACCELERATED you? It is completely up to you to divide and conquer your time while you’re at home.

Utilize the most of it, be productive, and don’t lose hope.

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