Changing Your Money Habit, Stop The Saving Mindset, Build An Investment Mindset

Here is why you shouldn’t focus on investing/saving money in your early 20s rather you need to start to learn how to make money.

Kuch aisa karna hoga jisse you don’t ever need to save money.

You need to learn to make money and money in huge amounts.

Most of us grow up hearing investment plans, SIPs and many more things but nobody ever teaches us to save money.

The entire system is working in making you middle class. And today a middle class is the new poor class.

If you are middle class you are the worst class you can belong to.

Today’s called middle class is a set of dreamers who end their life dreaming.

If we were taught to focus on earning money, they would have never had to focus on saving money. Because we are never taught to make money we are asked to save. Bhai jo usme se thoda bacha le re baba.

Change your money mindset. Stop saving money. Start earning money. It will not be easy because people around you are but wired to do that. People will always push you back. People will suggest saving money and then buy a home and then get buried in EMIs and then take care of 1 child and then the 2nd one and then the 3rd one and then one fine day –  Die.

If you too are a part of that middle-class dream then change it and change it today.

Start thinking and when you think don’t think small. Start dreaming and when you dream, don’t dream small.

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