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Career Advice you wouldn’t have ever heard of.

Are you stuck with one Career option for yourself?

You chose Commerce and you think all that you can do the entire life is accounting and nothing else?

Or you chose Science and you think you can only become an engineer?

Or you chose to engineer and you think you can only become an engineer?

Nah, Bunk this, break this thought, Come out of the prison that is created by the schools and colleges and degrees.

There is so much to explore, know and do. Come out and find for yourself a completely new view of life. Change the lens of the camera and replace it with a new one. Something that gives you a completely different view of your life.

Change your thought, jump into doing something new, jump into doing something that would make you skip your food and your sleep.

Know where I say that those degrees and schools and colleges are not important. They teach you the basics of life without which you won’t be able to do anything but don’t get stuck to it.

Find yourself fresh life, a career that gives you air to breathe, a career that gives you more than what your parents or your society expect from you, a career that is truly rewarding, a career that is motivating and enhancing, a career beyond your dreams.

This is your career advice from mentor Sawan Kumar that you should follow efficiently.


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