CA a perfect launch pad to achieve all the dreams (Happy CA Day)

CA a perfect launch pad to achieve all the dreams.

“CA is not just a word but a character, a pillar, a backbone that stands all through the good and the bad times. These two letters by your name and you shine much more than any of the precious stones on earth.


CA Day reminds me of the day when the results came and I became a part of the dream I and my parents had only dreamt of. It’s that day when you actually feel getting the results of all your hard work, sacrifices and the love and strength you get from your parents.

For a below average, academically very poor student like myself, being a CA was not only a distant dream but an impossible dream that one can not even dare to dream of, leave aside being one.

All through my career it was just failures and failures that I had seen and heard of for myself and so many successes all around. I still remember of the days when, more than myself my parents used to hear about me. The poor kid, bad in studies, bad in everything kid of they had given birth to. Even I faced with criticisms in my early stages of studying for CA Foundation like a teacher saying me “Oh, I should focus more on modelling and not on doing CA” or some body else speaking “That I had come to Kolkata just to spend a good time and money of my parents” and so on.

Somewhere between these criticisms and all the things you listen from the outer world, its your parents who always stand as a wall and show their trust and faith on you. Now matter how much we fail, they always stand strong having the highest belief on you. Just looking at their face or hearing to your voice would let go all the demotivation or depression one ever has in their life.

” Parents truly are a source of unlimited motivation and unlimited faith.


All through the ups and downs of the career before being a CA and after being CA, one thing that has stood strong for me, along with Family is the CA degree. This too stands silently by your side and says nothing can ever go wrong when you have me your side.

Being a Chartered Accountant is a dream for lakhs of young students around and trust me if I can do this, anybody on earth can do. And I can write on a blank paper that you can’t be a poorer student than I was in my school. So just trust yourself, work hard (this has no alternative), study smart and you are done.

The challenges won’t be any lesser once we become a CA but the ability to face any challenge is far more stronger than anything else. We as CAs are the best with finance, understanding business, managing money at its best and with some learning marketing & sales too.

Its almost 9 years now holding this to my name and still working hard to build a name for myself these words of being CA Sawan Kumar has given me a perfect launch pad to achieve all my dreams.

I most humbly thank god and my seniors and mentors for making me a CA with an equally awesome family.

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