Are you ADDICTED? If you are addicted then you are gifted | SAWAN KUMAR

If you have an addictive nature, you have the ability to be addicted and if you just put it up at the right place you can be successful.

If you can be obsessed, addicted to not sleeping, not eating, and doing anything to keep your addiction to success and so on.

If you are addicted you are gifted, if you are addicted you have been chosen by the god to be the best. If you are addicted you are born to succeed. So don’t think being addicted is a curse to you and your family and the world.

Start taking it as a gift and you can change the world with your addiction.

You just need to stand in front of the mirror and feel good about the fact that you are addicted and now you just need to change the direction from being addicted to some sort of bad habits, or to some actions or to some substance that you shouldn’t to things like

Success, Money, Name, Fame, Taking care of Self, Family, Society, The World and much much more.

If you can be addicted to the negative things around trust me there are much more positive stuffs around.

Go and get the addiction of power, get the addiction of fame and name, get the addiction of success, get the addiction of taking risks after risks, building new businesses, take care of the poor, the unprivileged and taking care of the other addicted people.

You have got the power to change and you can change the world.

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