Apni hobby se paise banaye, degrees se nai

Turn your hobbies to your full time business. Well we have always been of the thoughts that we need lakhs of Ruppees to start with a business but we often forget that the biggest of the businesses where not started with money but with a strong determination, will and focus and surely a great idea.

So can your hobby or your favourite past time become your business? Well in todays information age, in todays digital age where any thing carries a value in itself. We can’t dump anything saying ah its a waste or its a bad idea.

Its more about the execution on how smart the execution is. If you have the right attitude towards yours fav hobby or someting that you love to do then you can are no behind then the worlds most successfull people.

Literally anything that you do out of interest or hobby or love or for anything can be turned into profitable business today. You think of any idea and it executed well, branded well and marketed well find the consumers.
So you can understand that you too can be having similar ideas and hobbies that you can turn into a business without even investing much.

They can be something as small as digital somebody visiting cards, digital books, being a virtual assistant, being an online secretary, calling agent, personal stylist, designer, and what not.

Let us talk of a few most common and high in demand hobbies or part time tasks that can be turned to freelancing first and then buinsess next.

Virtual assistant :
Social media
And many more similar tasks can be done by a VA

2. Affiliate marketing

3. E-commerce portal

4. YouTuber

5. Online tutuor

6. Blogger

7. Photographer

8. Nutritionist

9. Online consultant

10. Standup comedians & artists.

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