Step Out From Your Comfort Zone

Step out from your comfort zone: Aapne jo apne aas paas ek comfort zone bana rakha hai na, iske bahar aana hoga kyunki if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.

So stop being where you are and move to a new place. This new place has to be challenging, this new place has to be tough, and expect this to test you to your limits. Don’t expect life to be easy with you.

This should start from getting up early, working out early, and doing everything that takes you to out of the comfort zone. Jaise hi lage na ki aap aaram kar rahe ho, khud ko pinch karo, that aap comfort level main kaise ho bhai.

Come out, come out, and come out!

This is how you Step out of your comfort zone.

Mentor: Sawan Kumar



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