A story that we will have to tell to our grand children

Lets make this a wonderful story and not a suffering story. Lets make it a story of success, a story of strength and how we came out of it with brighter colours.

Problems are taken differently by different people. The failures see the problem and run away from it whereas the successful fight with the problem, persist, upgrade, learn and work on finding a solution to the problem.

Right now the entire globe is facing a unique health issue due to Corona Virus and even more is the issue being faced by those lock-down in their homes. There is a bigger problem of depression, anxiety etc for those staying home and waiting during this lock-down.

During these testing times and times of problems, its the time that we stop focusing and running away from problems and in its place fight with. Find out innovative ways to keep ourselves busy, ways to upgrade, ways to improve on what we always thought of, spend better time with the loved ones and more.

If we close our eyes and think of all the things that we might even have forgotten that we can do during these times.

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