A penny saved is a penny earned. Who on earth can make a living with those pennies?

A penny saved is a penny earned. Who on earth can make a living with those pennies? Image a trunk full of so many pennies.

Focus on earning. If you don’t earn, you don’t save.

Earn in such huge nos. so that even if you spend all that you can, you end up saving a lot as well.

Better to focus on earning than spending time collecting those discount vouchers, spending hours looking for the best deals and so on. We don’t even realise when we lost crores worth of time in an attempt to save a few hundred or thousand rupees.

Its said that on an average a human being is productive only 3 hour of a 8 hour working day and what one does in the remaining 16 hours is well known. If closely observed all the calculations end right here. If in 24 hours, a person is productive only for 12.5 % of the time how can one earn enough to take care of all the expenses and also the savings. If we take this further of 80 Years of life only 10 years of the life is productive. So just imagine the kind of time we are wasting, not making money but finding ways of saving money.

The fight is not about using more of time and in a better and effective way but the fight is for who gets betters discounts, sharing Netflix ids and more.

Steve Jobs to Elon Musk to Mukesh Ambani. All have the same 24 hours to do their work and achieve what they have achieved. It’s we who choose if we keep complaining for the time and struggle with managing it or create time for ourselves that we thought we never had.

Another calculation is that on an average everybody watches at least 3 hours of television everyday and then there is social media, videos and more. With 3 hours a day is about 1260 minutes in a week and 37,800 minutes a month. Just by saving on those 3 hours a day we can create 37,800 minutes a day for ourselves with no complains about the scarcity of time.

Just some conscious thought and we find we have ample amount of time to improve the life and earn more than spend less and save more.