A great time to not be busy and be a lot more productive

This pandemic situation today has given us a lot of time to start being productive. Though a lot of us have still managed to find out ways to again be busy and not be productive by watching their favorite Netflix shows or TikTok videos etc but for the very few this can be the best time when they don’t have to worry about going to their tuition classes, their colleges, catching up with friends, wasting a lot of time on the road traveling and so on.

How do you do that ?

Just 2 words and you are done. Have a “Routine” and build your “Focus”.

Routine : Important of having a routined life can never be over emphasised but its the most neglected thing every. People struggle every day with time, having lesser and lesser time to do things that are important and wasting hours and weeks and days doing things that don’t matter at all.
Having a routine and strictly following it takes out all the stress, gives you the ability to better manage your time and have a good spread between important and less important activities.

Focus : This is something that we really lack. Like the mobile phones, most of us are try to be multi taskers. We think we can do multiple things all at the same time and still be good with everything.
But that’s not how a human brain is built. Human brain is made to work with one activity at a time. The moment you try to divert the attention or focus to more than one, you end up not completing either of the activities.
Instead of just hopping over that phone call or the message or the email every 2 minutes doesn’t help you in any ways. No email or message is that important that it needs to be answered or replied in the next 1-2 hour. It can be done when its the time to do that.

Humans are most productive when they focus and focus and its easier to focus when they have a routine. When subconsciously their brain knows ok its the time to study and to play and to watch movies. So you automatically tend to focus on that activity and not on everything at once.

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