6 Reasons why Freshers find it difficult getting a JOB?

You start your job search with a KOI BHI JOB Chalega mentality –

1. Its you who has been with yourself for more than 25 years and if you don’t know yourself how do you expect the employer to put you to a job that you might be good with.

2. Just because you are a fresher you can’t say that you don’t know anything.
You are not expected to have working experience when you are a fresher but you surely need to have the knowledge of the work you want to do.

3. You think there is no job in the market.

4. You give a lot of importance to money

5. You give no importance to money

6. You don’t consider it your duty to find yourself a job. You think some consultancy or some relatives are going to help you with a job.

Move out and find yourself a job. Don’t wait for somebody else to help you get a job.

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