6 Ideas to earn Real Estate Clients on Social Media

Today I won’t be sharing anything that you don’t already know. Social Media is no longer just a friend, family, or dating platform but much much more than that, and it’s no different for real estate professionals.

You are possibly in either of these three categories:

i) already started working on growing your social media presence

ii) started thinking of

iii) or maybe still doubting its relevance.

Then this video is actually for all the first 2 of you. If you still don’t think it’s relevant, you can possibly wait for a couple of months more before your survival becomes a challenge, and then when it’s too late, you start thinking of getting to it.

Honestly, in this video, I won’t be sharing anything that you don’t already know. But probably it’s something that you often ignore.

So what are those ideas to earn more real estate clients on social media? What should you be doing on social media that gets you more clients and what do you miss by not being on social media?

  1. Go Live on Social Media: You already have seen people you follow, the influencers going live, and have been always wondering if that’s really important? Or, if that really helps in generating leads. Or maybe you tried going live once or twice but never got any engagement and you stopped? When you go live, it’s the most real version of you. No edits, no filters, no scripts. It’s just you and your audience that can engage with you in real-time.
    There is nothing more rewarding both for you and your followers to engage in real-time.
  2. Tiktok: Get more clients through social media using Tiktok as your go-to tool. That’s because it enables you to do so much within one network, regardless of whether you’re creating videos or making funny faces on the app’s live video-sharing feature. What you will get more of is a bigger audience. Also, its are fewer advertisements so that users can listen to music and make funny faces
  3. Reels/Short Videos: Get more Real Estate clients by using our opportunities related to social media. Grow your business by using reels & shorts, it’s the best way to market your business
  4. Captions / Subtitles: It’s natural for us humans to be attracted to elegant design and captivating content. Treat your social media presence like it’s an online magazine, with text being just as enticing as the pictures.
  5. Social media posts and carousels: You can generate more customers through social media by sharing posts and updates through social media, using the Carousel feature.
  6. Hashtags and Keywords: as a social media entrepreneur, your success largely depends on search engine optimization. Be sure to use specific keywords and hashtags on your website and across all of your social media platforms.

If you are already using it all, that’s awesome but if you do not you need to get on to it right away. You don’t have time to lose time. You don’t have time to give time. The market is already matured enough, your clients are already reaching out to agents who are being seen on social media and if you don’t start today, you will not be able to start ever.

Reach out to us for anything that you might help with. Social Media strategy, posts, lead generation, and all.

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