5 Website Mistakes every Real Estate Agent must avoid


We have launched over 2000 websites in the last 5 years and have got some key insights or have a fair understanding of the mistakes real estate agents/professionals make when getting their website built. Knowing the mistakes in advance not only helps you not repeat the mistakes but also saves a lot of time, energy, and money and at the same time gets you the result you want.

Let’s see for ourselves what those mistakes are and how can those be avoided.

Mistake # 1

Not having a plan: There are high chances that you went to get a website built without having any plan in mind. You might also say that why do you at all need a plan for a website?

Like every aspect of your life and your business, a plan is needed here too.

You have to have a plan with a goal, the objective, and the type of website that would help in achieving your desired objectives and goals.

Mistake # 2

Ignoring the power of SEO: Digital world comes with various benefits and one of them is SEO. While SEO isn’t considered to be too important, its power is often ignored. You come upon the search when you or your business is being searched (because they knew you already) is a very small part of SEO. The actual fun is when the problems that you solve or the niche you serve they find you when they didn’t even know you, have never heard of you but your business coming on the top. Image with thousands of searches happening online, if you start coming on top of searches organically for all the home search requirements, imagine the kind of sales you can make.

Mistake # 3

Ignoring Mobile Users: We are so used to looking at a website from our laptop/desktop we often forget that bulk of the users today are reaching our mobile website and not the desktop one. So what do we need to do about it? Make sure the website is optimized for mobile and is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Today more than 58% of web traffic worldwide comes from mobile. 

Mistake # 4

Your website is not yours: Let’s imagine you designing your home or your office. You make sure that every single corner of it reflects you. Your personality, your mindset. The design of your home and office is a reflection of you with some expert inputs from the professionals like interior designers. But it is more you. This changes completely real estate professionals get their websites built. They think there is not much of an input they can provide and hence leave everything on the design agency which is not an ideal thing to do.

Mistake # 5

Underrating the Videos: You are still not giving importance to videos. Videos today seek a lot of respect because in this digital world, people are doing almost everything online. And, if you are still uploading images and text but not videos, you are going to be left far far behind.

It’s never too late when you make a mistake. So if you have already made these mistakes or are about to make one, lets work on it together and make sure your website gets you what you want. I will hand hold you all through the process and make sure of getting you the desired results.

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