5 hacks of goal achievement

5 Simple Hacks to Achieve your goals in 2022

I am excited about getting into this brand new year. A year once again full of new opportunities, new targets, and new challenges.

I am ready and I know so are you.

With the right mindset, all is possible and all targets are achievable. The only person standing between and You and Your Goals and “YOU”.

But the problem with Goals is that it won’t just happen to you. You have to make it happen. You have to move, you have to take action and you have to make sure that achieve all that you were set to achieve.

Well before we get on to the first HACK, let’s start with the prerequisite and that is having the GOAL.

I am sure all of you already have the GOALS written in front of you and you precisely know what and how to achieve them.

There are two big problems with goals. One is either we don’t know what our GOALS are or we don’t know where to start from.

So let’s first start right because starting right is half the job done.

Hack #1

Have your GOAL written with defined timelines, quantified results, give precise nos. if possible. Life is about money, how much exactly do you want. 1 million, 2 million, 2.5 million, etc. Or if it’s weight loss, how much you want to lose, or if it’s about being good with social media, how many followers, and how much of what you want?

If your GOALS are not measurable, you don’t have a goal yet. So make sure every single goal of yours is measurable and has a definite timeline attached to it.

Hack #2

Track the progress. Once you know your goals and you have made them measurable along with timelines etc. Track the progress. If the goal is to be achieved in 6 months, set up the desired monthly progress and then see what progress you made at the end of each month. This will make sure you don’t get off track.

This is really important, as this is one of the biggest reasons we end up not reaching our goals. We lose sight of the target, we forget the nos., we miss one or two days and then we forget what our goal was or we start believing that it’s no longer achievable.

Hack #3

Stop relying on your memory for everything. Whatever your GOAL is, it has to be documented and the steps to reach or achieve your goal have to be known. Not in your memory but in your calendar or in your checklist. You need to know every single day of your To Do’s to achieve your goals.

It’s said that if your calendar is empty, your bank is empty too. So don’t let your calendar be blank. Fill it in with daily tasks.

Hack # 4

Stop looking for excuses or reasons. If something is on your calendar it has to be done that day. You need to stop with your excuses and reasons if you really want your goals to turn into reality.

Hack #5

Accountability Partner. Do you have one? If not then look for one. No matter how consistent you are or how determined you are. Being a human being you are bound to loose your attention or focus from the goal and that’s precisely where the accountability partner is needed. He is there to remind you and keep you focused. Could be your spouse, friend, coach, mentor or your child.

Find out your accountability partner who is there to nudge you every time you get distracted.

If you follow the above hacks its sure that you are going to get your Goals achieved. Trust me, it can’t go the other way.

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