Don’t do the easiest things, challenge yourself always by Sawan Kumar

1. Our brain has been wired to be lazy, to pick up the easier things, to take the easy path, to use a shortcut.
2. It gives us an immediate sense of achievement.
3. We are short-sighted
4. We are unable to see far away
5. We are unable to see the future
6. We mostly don’t see the results, we just see the action and take the easy action.

But what actually makes you successful is not easy because easy is what most of us choose. Easy is what is the default. You can’t choose easy, you have to challenge

Challenge your actions
Challenge your beliefs
Challenge your thoughts
and challenge your targets
challenge the results

Challenge and push yourself. Push your limits and that will make you grow.

Get out of the comfort zone
Get out of the boundary

You notice a cricket ball when it goes outside the boundary, you learn to swim when you dive into the river
You see the beauty inside the ocean when you dive in

So push yourself, challenge yourself, and make it a practice.

Like you are used to being in your comfort zone, used to of not challenging yourself, used to not pushing yourself.

Get used to the opposite. Slowly and steadily.

Challenge, Push, and come out of the comfort zone.

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