Hi, I'm Rachel!

I help overwhelmed
entrepreneurs build profitable, legal and strategic businesses so they can live their real life.

Hi, I'm Sawan!

I help real estate agents & marketers attract ideal clients by improving their online influence

I will be your friend and partner to success

I’m a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist and intellectual property attorney ready to help you build the business + life that you dream of! I’M OBSESSED WITH TRYING NEW THINGS, HELPING WHOEVER I CAN AND BUILDING A LIFE & NOT JUST A BRAND. ​

And help you create a system that gets leads and clients without having to worry


Get Started Right

Getting started is the first and the most important thing to do. Time is precious and any time wasted with a wrong start is disastrous.

Predictable Systems, Websites, Social Media — all the good stuff!


Your Online Presence

We help you build a website & social media presence that supports you with getting started right.

Websites, Funnels, CRMs, Social Media – All about your Online Presence

Real Estate Websites & Marketing Facebook Group

You get to connect with the Agents from all across the globe, connect with like minded people and talk and grow.​

Listen to me talking about the Game of Hyper Growth.

“I didn’t want to waste my time with guesswork. I went to the experts and learned solid advice from Rachel that helps me get to the top of my career field without forgetting about family.”


Walk into your future with me.


Getting Started Right

This is the right thing to do. The most precious thing today is Time and if you get started wrong, you loose a lot of your precious time. So don’t loose it and share your details below.